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Are you a regular shopper at GAME? If you’ve made purchases there, you might be in for a treat! With the GAME Survey at the link, you can spend 5 minutes to get the chance at winning a gift card at your favorite store!


About GAME (Game Digital plc)

GAME is a video games company based in the United Kingdom, founded originally in the year 1999 by Terry Norris
and Bev Ripley. The company is actually a group of various different companies, such as Game Digital plc which is the parent company of Game Retail Brand. The group has various products within the gaming industry, including video game consoles and their accessories, as well as the video games themselves. GAME also retails mobile phones and mobile phone accessories and has subsidiaries such as Multiplay and Ads Reality.


Step by Step Guide for completing the GAME Survey

Your latest haul from GAME can help you score big, and not just in video game terms. To get started on your survey, and join the sweepstakes to win gift cards, follow these steps given below to complete this survey!

  1. Turn on your computer, and then click on a web browser.
  2. Once the browser launches, you’ll need to go to this link to attempt the GAME Survey:
  3. The first thing you see on the screen is the opening page for the survey.
  4. To get started, give information about your last purchase on the page. This information can be found in your receipt.
  5. Provide details such as your Date of purchase, the Time, the total amount that was spent, and the 13 digit survey code provided on your receipt.
  6. Next, give information about how satisfied you are with your purchase, on the given scale.
  7. On the next page, give information about the purpose you visited for, and what kind of help you received from the employees at GAME.
  8. Next, answer questions about being a Reward Member, and about store lock-ins.
  9. Finally, give your contact information to enter the sweepstakes.
  10. Submit your survey to finish!

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