Earn exciting rewards by filling out the Toys “R” Us Survey

Tell what you think of the company at the Toys “R” Us Survey at www.ToysRUs.com/TRUSurvey to earn all exciting rewards at the end of it.

About Toys “R” Us

Toys “R” Us is an American Corporation that specializes in making toys for infants, babies and kids of in fact all ages. The company was established back in the year 1978 and over the years has grown into a leading toy company. The company also has launched its official e-commerce website where clients can place orders online and get delivered on their door step.

Procedure for completing the Toys “R” Us Survey

In order to complete the Toys “R” Us Survey without any restrictions then you must read and follow the step by step guideline given below and let the company know what you think of their services and products:

  1. Open the official URL for the homepage of the Toys “R” Us Survey using your web browser www.ToysRUs.com/TRUSurvey.
  2. The screen of your device will instantly open the Toys “R” Us Survey page.
  3. Then select what language you wish to take the Toys “R” Us Survey in using the following options:
    1. To set English as the language, hit the button “English”.
    2. If you want French, then choose the button “Francais”.
  4. Now in the next step give the Store ID, Transaction ID and register ID number
  5. These credentials will be written on the most recent Toys “R” Us receipt.
  6. Now on the next page you may begin giving answers to all questions asked over a series of steps in the Toys “R” Us Survey according to the experience you had
  7. Give a rating for a few statements using the scale labeled from 1-10
  8. Tell Toys “R” Us that if you receive and read the company’s flyers and offers or if you browse the official Toys “R” Us website to place orders.
  9. Then submit your completed Toys “R” Us Survey.

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