Win discount offer by filling out the Tommy Hilfiger Survey

If you frequently visit malls or stores, you must have come across a salesperson holding a clipboard with a stack of survey forms attached to it, holding one form out to you and requesting you to fill it. While many of us tend to consider filling out such forms unnecessary and tedious, they are very useful and valuable to the firm. The customer feedback received through these surveys tells the firm where they stand in the market. In view of what their customers want, the firm tries to introduce changes, works on its weaknesses and innovates. This, in turn, helps strengthen brand loyalty and attract more customers. In order to incentivize filling out the survey, the firm usually offers some kind of a discount or reward at the end. The Tommy Hilfiger Survey serves a similar purpose. So go to and fill out the Tommy Hilfiger Customer Satisfaction Survey.

About Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is a leading American Fashion brand that produces a range of fashion products including clothing items and perfumes.

Procedure for filling out the Tommy Hilfiger Survey


  1. A mobile/computer/laptop or any other device that has access to a good internet connection
  2. A valid, and preferably recent, Tommy Hilfiger receipt from your last purchase


  1. Launch your web browser
  2. From the browser, go to the Tommy Hilfiger Survey page. You could either Google the survey site or access it directly through this URL:
  3. Click on the “Start study” option
  4. Enter your store number from your receipt
  5. Click on the arrow to move on to the questionnaire
  6. Answer the survey questions, rating every question as honestly as you can
  7. Finish the survey
  8. When you have completed the survey, you will receive a discount coupon for a 20% discount on a Tommy Hilfiger item of your choice

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