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About Tesco Ireland

Many people around the world have at least once shopped or heard of the Tesco store which is the second biggest retail store around the world with branches in more than 12 countries in the Asian continent, Europe and North America.

Step by Step Guide to complete the online Tesco Ireland Survey

Thoroughly read and follow the guideline given below to successfully finish the Tesco Ireland Survey and earn a golden chance to win £1,000 gift card or get 25 Club Points after telling your constructive opinions:

  1. Click the web link given ahead to gain access to the main page for the Tesco Ireland Survey
  2. Then on the computer you are using you will be displayed the official Tesco Ireland Survey page through the installed web browser
  3. Then enter the code made up of 4 digits
  4. This code will be written on the transaction bill from your previous visit to Tesco Ireland.
  5. Now right click the res button that reads “ENTER”
  6. On the next page give the exact date, time and the main purpose of your previous visit to the Tesco Ireland store
  7. Hit NEXT
  8. Now give a correct and deserving rating for all the aspects of the Tesco such as quality of their collection and availability of items, friendliness of staff and etc
  9. Give a rating for your overall satisfaction with your shopping experience at Tesco Ireland
  10. When you are at the end of the Tesco Ireland Survey you will be asked to enter your personal credentials such as your first name, last name, email address and telephone number
  11. Now you will be given participation in the sweepstakes for winning the prizes as promised.
  12. In the end submit your completed Tesco Ireland

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