Let them know how you rate them by filling out the Twin Peaks Survey

Twin Peaks is a restaurant and bar with a view located in Mesquite, Texas. The restaurant is devoted to providing their customers with the best experience money can buy. To ensure that every diner goes home satisfied the restaurant has designed a Twin Peaks Survey to find out how well they performed.

The Twin Peaks survey is online and it includes a series of simple questions asking the customer to rate their overall experience based on the food, service and staff. To complete the survey all you need is the receipt from your last visit to the restaurant.

You can follow these steps to complete the Twin Peaks survey and have your suggestions heard by those who matter:

  1. Visit the following website www.telltwinpeaks.com using your phone or laptop.
  2. Enter the date of your visit as listed on the top right corner of the receipt.
  3. Put in the exact time of visit as it is mentioned on the receipt below the date.
  4. Enter the name of your female server in the next field. It is given on top left corner of the bill.
  5. The check number that is given under the date and time of visit is to be entered into the next field.
  6. The restaurant branch is also to be selected from the drop down menu given in the second column.


Once you have completed all these fields you can proceed to the Twin Peaks survey questions which will ask you to give suggestions or criticisms regarding the food, ambience and management of the place. This will help the restaurant work on improving the areas they lack in and also provide customers with a platform where they can lodge their complaints.

Twin Peaks Survey

The Twin Peaks survey is a way to communicate with customers and know what they think without being overbearing. Since the form is online diners are more comfortable in giving their honest opinion.

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