Get free large pizza by filling out the Shakey’s Survey

Shakey’s is a pizza joint that has been serving satisfied customers since 1954. They are proud of their recipe that has people coming back for more and also the unmatched service they provide to all their diners. To continue to improve their dining experience the restaurant has designed the Shakey’s survey that provides the customers with a space to give their honest feedback on the food, ambiance and other aspects of the restaurant.

Completing the Shakey’s survey does not only give you chance to have your suggestions and grievances heard but it also provides you with a voucher for a free large pizza with the purchase of a large meal deal. This voucher is valid within 30 days from the date of the last visit which means the Shakey’s survey has to be completed within a month of the visit in order to avail this offer.

Shakey's Survey

Follow these instructions to receive your free large pizza next time you visit Shakey’s:

  1. Open the website to access the survey.
  2. Enter the location number that is mentioned at the top of the receipt.
  3. Enter the receipt number that is mentioned under the branch address on the left side of the receipt.
  4. Indicate the date of visit as mentioned on the receipt.
  5. Select the time of the visit from the drop down menu. You have four options: lunch, afternoon, dinner and late night. Choose the time slot in which you visited the restaurant. The time of visit is mentioned next to the date on the receipt.
  6. Select the amount you spent during your visit from the options given in the drop down menu.
  7. Once you have completed the first page and verified that you are customer you will be redirected to the customer survey.
  8. Answer the questions honestly and then save the voucher code given at the end of the survey for your free large pizza.

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