Earn $250 gift card by filling out the Pet Supplies Plus Neighbor Survey!

If you wish to get your hands on a gift card worth $250 to spend for your pet then complete the Pet Supplies Plus Neighbor Survey at www.tellpetsuppliesplus.com!

About Pet Supplies Plus Neighbor

Pet Supplies Plus is a retail pet store chain selling all pet products as a private entity with numerous branches in the United States of America. They have a lot of their stores located in the high traffic places so that parking lots can easily be accessed. This allows all pets to walk through any aisle without any hassle.

Step by Step Guide to complete the online Pet Supplies Plus Neighbor Survey

Fill the whole of Pet Supplies Plus Neighbor Survey and get a $250 gift card as a gift for your pet later on after entering the lucky draw:

  1. Hit the web link given ahead to open the official Pet Supplies Plus Neighbor Survey main page www.tellpetsuppliesplus.com
  2. Once you click the link you will be granted a safe access to the main page for the Pet Supplies Plus Neighbor Survey
  3. Hit the link on the main page and read through the list of all the rules that you must follow while completing the Pet Supplies Plus Neighbor Survey
  4. Now enter the store number comprising of 4 digits, transaction ID, date and the time of your previous visit there and then tell your exact age at that time.
  5. Now press the button “START” to continue
  6. Answer some questions based on the type of shopping you had at the store
  7. Rate various perspectives of the store such as their cleanliness, fairness in pricing of all products, cleanliness type of pet care and etc
  8. Say Yes if you wish to be entered into the lucky draw winning
  9. Then in the end type your complete personally identifying details so that you are entered into the lucky draw.
  10. In the end submit your completed Pet Supplies Plus Neighbor

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