Win £1,000 per day by filling out the Money Shop Survey

Imagine that you ran into a medical emergency. You need a certain amount of money to pay for your medical bills. We all know that medical insurance does not cover anything. And we also know that medical bills are more expensive than house mortgage. So in such a rush, what do you think you can do? Well, this is where a new financial aid shop comes in. Yes, we’re talking about the Money Shop. Did you recently get services from Money Shop? Because the Money Shop survey is awaiting your response with prizes that will blow your mind!

More about Money Shop

Money Shop is a company that provides extensive financial services to all those who need them. You can get short-term loans, cash and more over here. Today, Money Shop has become so popular that the have over 230 high street stores all over England!

What can Money Shop Survey give me back?

Here’s the twist. By participating in the Money Shop survey, you can get some finance to help you out! If you participate, you can  win one prize worth  £1,000  per day (since the draw will be done once everyday). You can also win  £500 worth of prizes per week!

Help me take the Money Shop Survey please!

When you go for the Money Shop survey, just make sure you have your recent receipt with you. Because you will need to refer to it when you will be giving out your details. Otherwise, follow our direction for a quick survey response!

Money Shop Survey

  1.  To start, you will go to
  2. Once this page loads, you will be able to review the terms and conditions.
  3. Click on Continue to enter the survey.
  4. Pick the date of when you visited the shop, enter the survey code, and other information in the boxes.
  5. Click on Start
  6. Now you will be able to rate all the statements about the services you received here.
  7. Once done, share your contact information to enter the prize draw.

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