Win $1500 cash prize by filling out the Money Mart Survey

Money Mart is a financial institution that provides money transfer, check clearing and other loan services to the local public. They have a very carefully designed customer service policy that is centered on helping everyone that comes through their door. They want to know how they can further facilitate their customers and that is why the Money Mart survey was created.

They want to hear about each every experience so they have incentivized the survey with exciting prizes and a guaranteed coupon for $5 off on the check cashing fee. The prizes include 10 daily $1,000 cash prizes and the chance to enter into sweepstakes for $1,500 weekly prizes. All you need to be eligible for these prizes is the receipt from your last transaction made at the Money Mart. The instructions for completing the Money Mart survey are given as follows:

Money Mart Survey

  1. Open the link to access the survey online.
  2. Select your language preference from either English or Español
  3. From your last receipt enter the store number that is given on the top of the receipt.
  4. Put in the visit time and date as entered accurately as it is mentioned on the receipt on the bottom left corner.
  5. The transaction number that is given next to the date and time is to be entered in the next field.
  6. Enter the name of the teller as it is mentioned on the receipt.
  7. Once you have verified that you are a customer you can proceed to the survey questions and let the store know about your experience.
  8. The website will ask for your contact information in the end so make sure you provide a valid contact number since this where they will reach you in case you win the prize.

Only one entry is allowed per individual and there is no purchase of any kind required to enter into the daily or weekly sweepstakes.

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