Give your feedback by filling out the Mimi’s Café Survey to help the café serve you better!

You must finish the entire online Mimi’s Café Survey at and assist them in reaching to your desired standards by simply sharing your honest feedback.

About Mimi’s Café

Do you love café style food? Then Mimi’s Café is one of the places you must visit in United States. Mimi’s Café is a leading café chain in United States that is running a successful business in 24 states in 145 locations around United States. The chain is known for serving people a classic café style cuisine based on French inspiration.

Step by Step Procedure for completing the Mimi’s Café Survey

If you wish to successfully complete the online Mimi’s Café Survey without any restrictions or troubles then follow the step by step guidelines given below and help the company improve further:

  1. The first step is to click open your web browser installed on your device.
  2. Then you must click the following URL to access the homepage for the Mimi’s Café Survey at
  3. You are now on your way to the official page for the Mimi’s Café Survey page.
  4. Once the homepage open s up you must type in the survey number based on 9 digits
  5. This number you can find printed at the top of your Mimi’s Café purchase receipt or the bill from your last visit to any of the locations of the cafe.
  6. Then in the next step type in the date and time of your visit to any branch of Mimi’s Café
  7. These details will also be printed on the receipt
  8. Now hit the “Start” button given at the bottom of the page to move ahead.
  9. Then finally you may start completing the Mimi’s Café Survey by giving answers to all the questions in terms of Mimi’s Café Survey service, food and environment and a bit about yourself.
  10. In the end all you need to do is make a submission your Mimi’s Café Survey.

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