Earn redeemable code by filling the Eat’n Park Survey!

Eat’n Park believes in food innovation valued by customer feedback given at online Eat’n Park Survey at www.tellenp.com to enjoy the offer stated on your receipt!

About Eat’n Park

Let’s ask you an important question which is where do you go when you are craving for a scrumptious meal? Many famous food chains may be running through your mind and definitely Eat’n Park would be on the list if you are a food lover. Eat’n Park is famous for their classic sandwiches, grand buffets and salads giving every client what they are searching for!

Step by Step Procedure for filling the online Eat’n Park Survey

Craving for that amazing offer? Complete the online Eat’n Park Survey by reading and following the exact steps given below to give your feedback with ease:

  1. Get an internet connection on your laptop or any device when you decide to start the Eat’n Park
  2. Now access the address bar of your browser and visit the link www.tellenp.com.
  3. This URL will get you to the official Eat’n Park Survey
  4. Now refer to your bill that you have for whenever you last visited Eat’n Park.
  5. From the bill input the exact survey code of 13 digits as written.
  6. Press “Start” and move on to completing the online Eat’n Park Survey.
  7. Now start the Eat’n Park Survey and give honest feedback for every question that is asked.
  8. In the end give your full name, email address, both date and month of your birthday
  9. Then press “Next” to gain access to the validation code.
  10. Copy this validation code on your bill to enjoy the offer on your receipt on your next visit.
  11. Hurray! You have successfully completed the Eat’n Park Survey.

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