Enter City Barbeque’s Survey and Treat Your Taste Buds with Free BBQ for a Year!

Who wouldn’t love a chance to have free barbecue for a year? City Barbeque brings you an opportunity to treat yourself with free barbecue for a year by taking part in the City Barbeque Survey at www.tellcitybbq.com.

All you have to do is fill out their survey, offer your feedback about your experience with their services and you will enter the sweepstakes to win this amazing offer! So read on about how you can avail this opportunity.

About City Barbeque

City Barbeque is a chain of restaurants located in California, United States of America. They are known for their distinct smoky barbecue flavors.

Procedure for filling out City Barbeque’s Survey


  1. A smooth internet connection. Ensure that the connection is on before you begin the survey
  2. You must have visited a City barbecue outlet recently
  3. Make sure have your City Barbeque Receipt with you
  4. You can only take part in the survey if you are a resident of the US and are 18 years or above of age


  1. Launch your web browser. Go to City Barbeque’s Survey page when the browser opens
  2. You can go to the City Barbeque’s Survey page through Google or by clicking on the URL given here:  www.tellcitybbq.com
  3. Once you have reached the survey page, you will have to provide some information about your visit to City barbecue. All this information will be mentioned on your receipt
  4. Thoroughly read all the rules, regulations, terms and conditions before beginning the survey
  5. When you have given all the required information, move on to answering the survey questions
  6. Answer all the survey questions. Provide any comments or suggestions that you think may help convey your experience and help them in improving their services for you
  7. When you have finished the survey, you will automatically be entered in the sweepstakes

Useful Links

If you would like to give more comments and suggestions, pay a visit to the following links which have been listed below for your convenience. We have also given URLs to City Barbeque’s social media profiles:


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