Redeem your validation code by filling out the Charley’s Survey!

If you are excited to avail the offer using the validation code you must go online to fill the Charley’s Survey at

About Charley’s

Charley’s was founded by Charley Sin in the year 1986 and is a chain of sandwich eating outlets at the campus of Ohio State University. It is known for its submarine sandwiches and scrumptious Philly Steak to people on a global scale.

Step by Step Guide to complete the online Charley’s Survey

To redeem amazing validation codes you must complete the online Charley’s Survey by following the step by step guide given beneath for your convenience:

  1. Click this URL given ahead to open the main page of Charley’s Survey at
  2. This web link will grant you access to the main page of Charley’s Survey
  3. Choose your language from the options of English, Spanish and Arabic. Choose the one you are most comfortable with in reading and understanding.
  4. Then enter the survey number of 5 digits, set the exact date and time you made a transaction at Charley’s. All of these details can be found at the receipt or the bill from Charley’s.
  5. Then find and click the button “Start” to move ahead in the process.
  6. Keep following all the prompts to answer the entire question series by giving a deserving rating for all the assessed aspects of Charley’s such as taste, cleanliness and standard of food
  7. Click the “Next” button to move ahead
  8. You can track your progress through the green “Progress” bar given below
  9. Once you have successfully completed all the questions in the survey you will be rewarded with a validation code which you must note down on your receipt bill and use it to avail the special offer on your next visit,
  10. Submit your filled Charley’s Survey.

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