Share your reviews by filling out the ACE Hardware Survey

ACE Hardware wants to know that whether or not their customers are happy with their services and activities. If not what are the shortcomings and how they can devise new ways to sort them out and please you to the fullest. Your feedback on the ACE Hardware Survey available at will serve as a tool for them to make necessary improvements.

About ACE Hardware

The ACE Hardware Company took its start from Chicago and has now successfully become famous and spread its branches all over the globe. The company is working for nearly a century and has set 5000 branches in 60 different Countries. The company sells all sorts of hardware products on the retail and online basis.

To take ACE Hardware Survey you must have:

  1. You must have in hand your mobile phone, laptop or your computer.
  2. Your device must be aided with a good internet connection
  3. It is mandatory to have paid a recent visit to ACE Hardware.
  4. A valid receipt of your purchase must be with you.
  5. You are required to be at 18 years of age and a legal United States resident to be eligible to fill the sweepstakes.

How to Fill ACE Survey

It is mandatory for you to abide by and follow the given instructions strictly if you are eager to complete the Survey and give your remarks.

  1. start by clicking on this link.
  2. You will instantly reach ACE Hardware Survey site.
  3. Here you will come across different boxes demanding various sorts of information.
  4. Look at the receipt and you will find all of this information present on it.
  5. Enter this information on the ACE Hardware Survey site.
  6. Now click the button ‘START’ and you will see a questionnaire.
  7. Start filling it to the best of your knowledge.
  8. In these boxes, you can write your complaints of any sort of problem which you faced.
  9. After this enter the information required for sweepstakes and leave the page once you have submitted AVCE Hardware Survey.
  10. You will automatically be added to the lucky draw.

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