Win $200 gift card by filling out the Sears Hometown Survey

Surveys are designed by firms to collect data about how satisfied customers are with their services, where the customers are not happy or how they can upgrade their services in order to stay ahead of their competitors in the market. This information thus gathered is very useful to the firm in the process of devising marketing strategies, retaining their customers by maintaining brand loyalty, maximizing their sales and projecting a good image of the firm. Based on this information, the firm aligns every aspect of its management towards the fulfillment of these aims. The Sears Hometown Survey has been designed keeping similar aims in mind. So share your feedback by taking part in the Sears Hometown Survey at and get a chance to win a $200 Sears gift card.

About Sears Hometown

Sears Hometown is a chain of American retail stores that offer a variety of home appliances, garden equipment, sports goods, apparel etc.

Procedure for filling out the Sears Hometown Survey


  1. You should have a device that is connected to the internet. Make sure the internet connection has no problems
  2. A valid Sears Hometown receipt
  3. People not currently resident in the United States cannot take part in the survey


To take part in the Sears Hometown Survey, perform the steps described below:

  1. Go to your web browser
  2. From your web browser, visit the Sears Hometown Survey page or click on this URL:
  3. When you reach the survey page, go through the official sweepstakes rules
  4. Click on the orange button with “Next” written on it
  5. The page will prompt you to provide some information. For this, you will have to refer to your receipt
  6. Click “Next” when you have entered all the information
  7. Begin answering the survey questions
  8. The site will automatically enter you in the sweepstakes once you finish the survey

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