Win £100 High Street Gift Card by filling out the Post Office Tell Us Survey

The Post Office has been around since years and we know we can depend on it to deliver our letters, parcels, packages and other deliverables. They have expanded their services and now have a nationwide network of postmen. The Post Office loves to hear from their users and they have made giving feedback accessible through a Post Office Tell Us survey on their website.

To get more people to provide feedback the Post Office Tell Us survey is incentivized with a £100 gift card for High Street. There are five gift cards that are given out each month to lucky winners drawn randomly. Every person can enter the draw once a week provided they have a valid code for each time they enter.

Post Office Tell Us Survey

The Post Office Tell Us survey can be completed by following these simple steps:

  1. Open the website from your laptop or smartphone.
  2. There are two methods through which you can begin the survey. If you have a valid receipt from a recent postal then select the ‘Receipt’ option and if you received an invite card with your mail the choose the ‘Invite Card’ option.
  3. If you have a receipt then you will be asked to enter the branch postcode that is given on the top left corner of the receipt under the address. If you have an invite card then you will be asked to enter the branch response code mentioned on the card.
  4. Once you have verified that you have a receipt or invite card you can begin answering the series of short questions included in the survey.
  5. After completing the Post Office Tell Us survey enter your accurate and valid contact information so that someone may notify you in case you win the prize.

The Post Office values your honest opinion and criticizing anything about their service will not affect your chances of winning the £100 High Street gift card.

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