Earn £100 gift voucher by filling out the Boots UK Survey!

Become a happy owner of a gift card of £100 in return of sharing your feedback at the Boots UK Survey on this web address www.ourbootsfeedback.co.uk.

About Boots UK

Boots was founded in 1849 as a drug store chain of United Kingdom serving business as a subsidiary of a bigger company called Alliance Boots, which work in close collaboration with medicine experts and qualified pharmacists. The chain owns Boots stores in areas of local communities.

Step by Step Guide for filling the online Boots UK Survey

Follow the guide given below to finish the Boots UK Survey and enter the sweepstakes for the gift voucher which will be valued at the price of £100:

  1. Ensure that your device is in successful connection with your Wi-Fi.
  2. Press this web address ahead to seek a safe access to the main page for the Boots UK Survey www.ourbootsfeedback.co.uk.
  3. You will be taken to the main page for the Boots UK Survey on your screen
  4. Thoroughly read the rules which you must strictly follow to finish the Boots UK Survey legally
  5. Enter the code for the survey based on 15 numbers in the spot designated
  6. Click ENTER to move ahead
  7. Answer the questions that will then appear in the official Boots UK Survey.
  8. Yin front of various aspect analysis based statements, a scale will be shown. Use this scale to rate the aspects wisely.
  9. Now your final task would be to make a submission of your filled version of the Boots UK Survey.
  10. When your Boots UK Survey has been submitted you will be entered into the lucky draw winning.

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