Avail Valuable Coupon by filling out the Logan’s Roadhouse Survey

You can avail the opportunity of getting your coupon by filling Logan’s Roadhouse Survey at www.loganslistens.com. Your feedback will help them know how they are doing.

About Logan’s Roadhouse

In 1991, the chain of Logan’s Roadhouse restaurants was established in Lexington, Kentucky. It became categorical auxiliary of publicity held CBRL Group in 1999. Logan’s Roadhouse is famed for its remarkable vintage decorations and in addition to it are the complimentary peanut buckets, the shells of which are allowed to be tossed in air.

Requirements to Fill Logan’s Roadhouse Survey

Before you sit down to fill Logan’s Roadhouse Survey and get all excited to win the meritorious coupon, you must know that there are specific requirements you must fulfill in order to proceed with the survey.

If you want to give them your honest and worthy remarks and feedback, firstly and most importantly you must have paid at least one visit to Logan’s Roadhouse. Also you should have their valid receipt. Apart from this you must have a laptop or any other means with proper internet connection so that you may easily access the survey sight.

Procedure for Filling Logan’s Roadhouse Survey

You have to abide by the instructions and follow them step by step if you want to get a quick access to the Logan’s Roadhouse Survey form and give your honest suggestions.

  1. First of all open the main page of Logan’s Roadhouse Survey by clicking on the link www.loganslistens.com .
  2. Choose the language that you better understand from either English or Spanish.
  3. You will see a serial number at the bottom of your invitation card.
  4. Enter that serial number carefully.
  5. Keep in view the parameters like cleanliness, taste, serving, associates, food, and environment and so on.
  6. Rate the satisfaction according to the last experience you had at Logan’s Roadhouse survey.
  7. When you complete this survey, press the submit button.
  8. You will get your coupon by Logan’s Roadhouse. You can use this coupon when you again pay a visit at their restaurant.

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