Get redeemable coupon by filling out the KFC Vietnam Survey

Did you like the crispy chicken at KFC Vietnam? Then fill in the KFC Vietnam Survey at to redeem an exciting validation code.

About KFC Vietnam

The full form of KFC is Kentucky Fried Chicken and is renowned for its signature fast food based on crispy chicken and burgers which are served all around the world in its exclusive chain branches. KFC is the leading fast food chain after McDonald’s. KFC makes their crispy, fried and crunchy chicken using their special marinate mix of 11 herbs and spices.

Step by Step Detailed Procedure to fill out the KFC Vietnam Survey

In order to successfully share your feedback, views, complaints and praises for KFC you should read and follow the step by step guideline below to finish the online KFC Vietnam Survey without any hassle:

  1. Connect your computer to your trusted internet connection in your vicinity.
  2. Now open your web browser and copy paste this web address to gain access to the official KFC Vietnam Survey page or simply click it .
  3. Your device will display the main page for the KFC Vietnam Survey
  4. Then set the precise date and time of your recent visit to KFC Vietnam, then give the store number ID and order number ID
  5. This all will be written on the KFC Vietnam purchase receipt from your recent visit there.
  6. Answer the KFC Vietnam Survey by giving honest responses for all the asked questions regarding chicken taste and quality, environment and service!
  7. In the end give your complete name, email ID, contact number and ZIP code for residence to enter the update notification system for deals and offers offered at KFC
  8. Then hit “Next”
  9. Now you will be given a validation code which you should note down to avail a special offer.
  10. Then submit your KFC Vietnam Survey.

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