Help Kansas City Zoo make your visits to the place even more fun by filling out the Kansas City Zoo Visitor Survey

Zoos are a fun place for excursions and recreational visits because they not only offer entertainment but are also educational. If you love visiting the Kansas City Zoo with your family and kids, you can make your visits their more enjoyable and pleasant by sharing your feedback with Kansas City Zoo. If you are a frequent visitor to the place, then we highly recommend you to fill the survey for it will allow you to witness firsthand the improvement in your visits. All you have to do is fill out the Kansas City Zoo Visitor Survey at

About Kansas City Zoo

Kansas City Zoo is a wildlife park situated in Swope Park at 6800 Zoo Drive Kansas City.

Procedure for filling out the Kansas City Zoo Visitor Survey


  1. A device that has access to a good internet connection
  2. You must be currently living in Kansas, US. If you live outside US, you can’t take part in the survey


  1. Visit the Kansas City Zoo Visitor Survey page through your web browser
  2. Find the page on any search engine or click on this URL to directly go to the survey form:
  3. On the survey page, select your date of visit
  4. When you have selected your date of visit, click on the brown button that says “Start”
  5. Once you click start, the survey form will appear on your screen
  6. Rate your experience of cleanliness environment etc as asked. Try to be as honest as possible in giving your feedback
  7. When you have finished the survey, you will earn a redemption code which you can use to win special offers from the zoo

Useful Links

To learn more about Kansas City Zoo and the wildlife it houses, visit the following links:

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