Give your honest opinions by filling out the Indigo Survey

Airline companies always have an area for improvement so give your feedback for Indigo Survey at so that they can come up to your standards when you fly with them.

About Indigo

Indigo is an airline company that has its headquarters based in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. In addition to this, they operate in 40 other places. It is one of the leading airline companies in India and has almost 679 daily flights over 40 destinations. It is the second largest low-cost airline company in Asia.

Procedure to complete the online Indigo Survey

Connect your laptop to your Wi-Fi access and go fly once with Indigo on your next travel plan. And remember to keep the ticket or receipt somewhere safe, you would need it during the Indigo Survey.

Now see the guide as given below to complete the Indigo Survey with success and ease:

  1., this is the link you have to click to take the first step for Indigo Survey.
  2. This link has granted you access to the official Indigo Survey page.
  3. Now carefully read each and every stated rule if you want to participate in the survey without any hassle.
  4. Now click your favorite language from between English and French.
  5. Then select the method through which you brought the ticket or which sort of ticket you purchased checking the details.
  6. Then make a selection for the type of receipt.
  7. Now hit “CONTINUE”
  8. Provide all the details asked including the code of the serial as given to you on the receipt that you got from the Indigo airlines
  9. Also state your age and choose the exact date on which you bought the ticket.
  10. Now keeping in view your recent experience with Indigo give answers to all the questions honestly.
  11. You can also visit Indigo official website by visiting this link as given ahead:

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