Get $5.00 on your rewards cards by filling out the Hen House Survey

Take some time out to fill the Hen House Survey at to earn an incentive of $5.00 on your Hen House Reward Cards!

About Hen House

Hen House is a prospering chain of grocery outlets that runs under the ownership of Ball’s Company and was started with the dedication of giving a friendly gestured service to all customers, highest quality items and clean sections in all grocery stores.

Step by Step Guide for completing the online Hen House Survey

The following guide has been written for your convenience to complete the online Hen House Survey which will also earn you a $5.00 credit on your Hen House Card so follow it thoroughly:

  1. Now if you are craving for that $5.00 credits then when you begin filling the Hen House Survey enable a trusted internet connection on your computer.
  2. is the link you must press in the next step.
  3. Hen House Survey official page is now what will get displayed.
  4. English or Spanish? Choose one of the languages for this survey!
  5. Also ensure you have a valid receipt of your last dine out at Hen House visit and for that go have a warm family shopping spree at one of their outlets!
  6. Then input these asked details before starting the Hen House Survey:
  • Survey Code of 19 numbers
  • Select the exact time of your last visit
  1. Both of this information will be printed on the bill that we asked you to keep!
  2. Click “Start” bar given beneath in green to move ahead to the actual Hen House Survey.
  3. Now in the proceeding step make a choice for the section you visited from the given list such as Seafood, Health and Beauty etc.
  4. Then give a rating for your overall experience with shopping at Hen House chains!
  5. Answer some generalized questions.
  6. When you are done you will be given a validation code which will then get you $5.00 in your card!

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