Win $1,000 worth of groceries by filling out the Food Basics Survey!

Winning a prize of $1000 has never been easier because Food Basics is offering you that chance! Fill out the Food Basics Survey at and enter a lucky draw to win $1000 worth of free groceries from Food Basics for a month. The feedback that customers share with the firm through such surveys and questionnaires is extremely useful to the firm in making an assessment of how well they are doing in the market. It also helps them figure out their weaknesses so that they could work towards improving their customer’s experience and in so doing, attract more customers and see a boost in their sales. One of the main aims of a firm is also customer satisfaction and through this survey, you can enable Food Basics to see how best they can serve you. So don’t miss this opportunity and go fill out the survey.

About Food Basics

Food Basics is a chain of superstores situated in Canada. It has more than 115 branches all over Ontario. The franchise is owned by Metro Inc. and was created by A&P Canada.

Procedure for filling out the Food Basics Survey


  1. You will need a PC/mobile/tablet or any other such device
  2. The internet connection must be enabled
  3. A valid Food Basics receipt with a survey code
  4. Not being a resident of Canada precludes you from taking part in the survey and entering the prize draw


  1. Open up your web browser
  2. Visit the Food Basics Survey page either by looking it up on Google or by directly accessing it from this URL:
  3. When the Food Basics Survey page shows up in your browser, enter your survey code. The bottom of your receipt will contain the survey code
  4. Click on the “Start Survey” button
  5. Begin answering the survey questions

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