Enjoy astonishing cash prizes by filling out the Deals Survey

Take out a few minutes to fill the Deals Survey at www.dealsfeedback.com and get as much as 10 chances to win $1000 daily cash and $1,500 every week!

About Deals

Deals which is often written as “DEAL$” is a US based discount chain of stores comprising of national, private or regional items from all brand types while also encourages clients to get memberships or use manufacturer coupons to avail further discounts.

Step by Step Guide for completing the online Deals Survey

Now if you wish to avail the exciting cash prizes everyday and each week complete the online Deals Survey with ease through the guide as given beneath:

  1. Before beginning it is always essential to have an internet connection already enabled in your device.
  2. Then click the given web link as follows www.dealsfeedback.com.
  3. This has opened the gateway to go to official Deals Survey page.
  4. Now before completing the Deals Survey make sure you have a receipt of your visit and of course for that you must have at least once been to the Deals discount store.
  5. On the official page for Deals Survey you will be required to input the following details each of which will be found on the purchase receipt:
  • Number of the store
  • Total value of your bill
  • Date of your visit to the store
  • Time of your visit to the store
  1. Now press the “Enter” button given below to proceed to starting the Deals Survey.
  2. Now in the next step you will be required to answer many questions regarding your experience to Deals store.
  3. You must keep pressing “Next” to move ahead in this process
  4. Also provide a rating for their employees and overall impression of the store
  5. Then enter your full and correct personal details as following:
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Telephone Number
  • ZIP code
  1. Press “Send” and you are done filling Deals Survey.

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