Win $500 gift card by filling out the Safeway CARRS Survey

In order to win and spend a gift card worth $500 five times then complete the online Safeway CARRS Survey at to share your views!

About Safeway CARRS

Safeway CARRS is a successful chain of grocery stores operating in the United States of America and offers carefully selected displayed collection of all famous brands with signature cafes including the food eating outlets from Safeway itself and other food chains offering famous and loved food.

Step by Step Detailed Procedure for completing the Safeway CARRS Survey

So if you have recently shopped form or eaten at Safeway then go online to share your feedback at the online Safeway CARRS Survey by following the step by step guide given below for your ease:

  1. Open the official web address given ahead in your web browser for the Safeway CARRS Survey page
  2. Your screen will then display the Safeway CARRS Survey page.
  3. To read the rules and terms for taking part in the Safeway CARRS Survey you must visit any links on the main page to read the legal document.
  4. From there on give the survey code based on 4-6 numbers
  5. This will be written on your latest Safeway CARRS invoice slip that you have from recent visit there
  6. Tell the precise time of your latest visit to Safeway CARRS
  7. Now press the button “Enter” to move on to the Safeway CARRS Survey
  8. Begin answering the Safeway CARRS Survey regarding your recent experience there. Make sure you answer all questions as honestly as you can.
  9. At the end give your complete personal details such as your full name, email ID, contact number and ZIP Postal code to participate in the prize draw.
  10. Then submit your Safeway CARRS Survey.

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