Help them improve their service by filling out the Bartell Drugs Survey

Bartell Drugs is a medical store that has been operating in the Washington area since 1890. Their century old experience in the pharmaceutical world has given them the knowledge required to deal with all types of customers and their health problems. They have a wide variety of medicine, drugs and other health products required and their employees are capable of answering any questions a customer might have.

The Bartell Drugs survey is designed to help the store find out what they are doing right and where they are going wrong. It provides customers a platform to have their voice heard. You can use the Bartell Drugs survey to lodge any complaints, provide suggestions or appreciate the way that your problem was dealt with at the store. The store will do everything in their abilities to rectify any problem, settle grievances and act on any feedback that has been given to them.

Bartell Drugs survey

To complete the Bartell Drugs survey you need to have the receipt from your last visit to the store. Once you have the receipt in your hand follow these instructions to give your feedback:

  1. Visit the website to open the Bartell Drugs survey
  2. Enter the 14-digit receipt code given on the bill underneath the barcode.
  3. Enter the date of visit as mentioned on the receipt. It is usually given on underneath the total billed amount on the left hand side.
  4. Once you have verified that you are a customer you may proceed to the survey questions. The questions are simple and ask you to rate your visit based on a few important factors.
  5. Answer every question honestly and in case of any complaints you can even provide your contact information so the store may reach you to settle the matter.

Bartell Drugs survey maintains the privacy of all their customers and only records the responses for market research and marketing purposes.

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