Get redeemable coupon by filling out the O’Charley’s Survey

Fill Out the O’Charley’s Survey to Win Amazing Rewards!

Want good food without the added hassle of dressing up for formal setting? Why not try casual dining? And there is no better place for a casual dining experience that O’Charley’s. With over 200 locations, O’Charley’s knows what the customers want, largely due to the company’s efforts to hear from them. But, what do you get out of it? Free offers and rewards! All you need to do, if you have visited O’Charley’s recently, is to visit and fill out the O’Charley’s Survey.

This survey is extremely helpful and highly appreciated by the people at O’Charley’s because, while you get free rewards or offers, they get the chance to improve themselves.

Requirements for filling out the O’Charley’s Survey

To fill out O’Charley’s Survey, you must have:

  • Access to a device that can connect to the Internet.
  • Access to a good, reliable Internet connection.
  • A receipt from your last visit to O’Charley’s.

The procedure of filling out the O’Charley’s Survey

  • On your device, open your preferred browser and type in the following address in the address bar:
  • On the page that loads, enter the Serial Number and the Server Name in the given spaces. These are located on your survey invitation.
  • Click ‘Start’.
  • Enter the time of your visit and the visit type.
  • Over the next few pages, you will be asked several questions regarding your experience at the restaurant, the service you received and the quality of the food. Answer all these questions based on your most recent visit at O’Charley’s.
  • Answer a few questions for classification purposes, such as your gender, age, annual household income and level of education.
  • At the end of the survey, you will receive a validation code, which you can redeem for the offer that is printed on your survey invitation.

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