Help PDQ Be a Better Restaurant by filling out the Tell PDQ Survey

People Dedicated to Quality or PDQ for short is a fast-food chain located all over America. The restaurant chain is popular for its fried chicken and their secret recipe has people coming from miles. As the name suggests PDQ cares about the quality of service they provide. This is why they have designed an online Tell PDQ survey to receive feedback from their valued customers.

The Tell PDQ survey provides the customers a chance to provide suggestions to the restaurant on how they can make the dining experience even more enjoyable. It is also a platform where you can complain about anything that went wrong and the restaurant will work to rectify the situation. Completing the Tell PDQ survey only takes a few minutes since the questions asked are short and fairly simple. All you need to begin the survey is the receipt from your last visit since it contains a unique survey code that has to be entered in the beginning.

Tell PDQ Survey

You can follow these simple instructions and take the Tell PDQ survey:

  1. Using your laptop or smartphone device access the online survey form by visiting the following link The website language is set to English by default but you can change it to Spanish by clicking on the Español button on bottom left corner.
  2. Enter the 18-digit survey code that is given on the receipt into the field given on the page. The code is given at the top of the receipt and is unique for each user.
  3. Once you have verified your code you can continue to the survey and answer a series of simple questions to complete it. The questions are related to your last visit and ask you to rate the experience based on the quality of food, cleanliness, service and other factors.

You can take the Tell PDQ survey after each visit and let the restaurant know what you think about their service and food.

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